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Trials and Triumphs of AP Biology

At first I was really apprehensive about using a website like word press which I was unfamiliar with, and seemed very complicated. After I finally became familiar with what I was working with, the layout became very simple to understand and I could focus more on the quality of my work rather than just struggling to get it up to par because of technical difficulties. I have always wanted to start a blog, and this allowed me to express myself without going on long weird tangents about something nobody wants to read about.

I feel a bit bad for other classes who are forced to read this because they might not enjoy it, but I hope they understand how much work we all put into this and how much the topics I write about interest me. One of my favorite assignments was probably the Driving Question assignment because I could spin the lessons we learned any way I wanted and could investigate things that interested me rather than something I was assigned and that directly corresponded to the curriculum. The research I did was very interesting and helped me to understand more about chromatography in a way that I would actually remember.

I am not so sure how college is going to work with the whole group project thing and how much my skills on maze will shine, but I do know that if necessary, I can pull an iMovie out lickety-split. I learned a lot about basic and specific biology pics, but this year really got me excited for the next four years at UC Davis where I will be majoring in Genetics and Genomics.


Here is Marissa and Davis’s video about the trials and triumphs of AP Biology with Ms. Girard! Enjoy


4 thoughts on “About ME!

  1. Hey girl hey! This image/map is a fabulous representation of who you are as a student, artist, and woman. I love your website, the sea floor layout is very creative and fits well with your AP Biology class theme. Your blog posts are very well-written and I love reading the comments left by your peers. You have put so much work into this blog and I cannot WAIT to see what you will be able to do in the future.


  2. I love your Bio blog Davis! It’s very clean and your writing is easy to read. My favorite post of yours is the Post-Field Trip round up. You showed a little bit of personality, it was fun! What I most liked about your blog is that you imbedded youtube videos in your posts. It’s nice to be able to take a break from just reading and watch something fun. The only recommendation I would make is to use more bullet points. I find it to be pretty effective in getting my info across but also making it easier to read (small bits as opposed to ling, continuous sentences. Other than that, I enjoyed looking at how your writing has evolved. Science is clearly something you’re gifted at!


  3. Davis this blog is fantastic! Its really well organized and I love the drop down menus! The blog post about Ancient Greek Creation was definitely my favorite, but all of them were really well written and explained. All of the pictures and videos within your posts really made the content interesting and engaging for me! Overall, really well done Davis, I can see your progression through the year and it’s great! It was great having you in the class with me, you made it a lot more fun! Great blog and good luck next year!


  4. Davis, I agree whole heartedly with your team mates comments! You really developed your writing skills through your blog. Your passion for science, your ability to clearly explain complex content, and your humor shine through. I have always appreciated your reflections and comments both in class and on your site because you are so thoughtful. You constantly make connections between topics and find ways to see how the scientific content impact your life. Thank you for sharing your amazing artistic talents too. You found incredible ways to incorporating art into your projects to enhance your messages. I’m so glad you and Marissa came up with the idea to make your PSA together. It was a perfect way for you to share challenges and successes along with tips and tricks to help the next team be successful. I can’t wait to hear about your future successes!


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